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About AWWS


The Africa Waste is Wealth Series (AWWS) is a series of high-level regional conferences convened by TakaTaka Ni Mali, the East African Business Council, and the Alliance for Science. The series is informed by Taka Taka ni Mali’s program under Transform (FCDO, Unilever, and Ernst and Young), accelerated by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)’s Accelerator Lab.


The AWWS  will contribute to Locally Led Climate Actions, promoting the acceleration of nationally determined Contributions (NDCs) and National Adaptation Plans for African countries.

It will also support the mobilization of climate financing to support local priorities and innovative partnerships, especially in sustainable waste management.

Purpose of the Series

  • To fast-track the harmonization for solid waste management policies across the region.

  • Scale up waste management conversations in Africa while identifying priority policies to enable investment in solid waste management.

  • Showcase best-practice waste management models across Africa.

  • Scale up the Taka Taka Ni Mali integrated ecosystem waste management model piloted in Kenya by Taka Taka Ni Mali under Transform

  • To help countries across the region speed up plastic recycling while raising their awareness to inform decision-making.

  • To increase policy evidence and understanding of the science behind plastics and other waste

  • To bring on-board African First ladies (spouses of presidents) in waste management

  • To promote the use of technology in monitoring data

Our Approach

Locally led climate action channels funds and decision-making power to the local level, where communities are more aware of the context and what is needed to drive change.


This approach strengthens systems and capacities for locally driven climate action and supports partnerships between governments, communities, and civil society to assess climate risks and identify socially inclusive solutions that are tailored to local needs and priorities.

The AWWS Team

AWWS has unrivalled capacity to convene, align and inspire transformative action from global leaders, thinkers and implementers in agriculture across private, public, civil society, development, non-profit, academic and research sectors.

Mary 2

Mary Ngechu


Takataka Ni Mali


Dr Sheila Ochugboju

Executive Director,

Alliance for Science

JB Kalisa (2).jpg

John Bosco Kalisa

Chief Executive Officer,

East African Business Council


Eve Odete

Business Development,

Takataka Ni Mali

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